My top 10 highlights for The Awakening, our Saturday night worship experience at Edgewood, would have to include the following moments:

  1. Faith Night: At the iWireless Center. Had over 160 people show up. Dozens of lives rededicated. Amazing!
  2. Worship Sessions: An entire series devoted to how we worship in the summer of 2010. The worship team put their heart into it and did a killer job. We really connected with God.
  3. Super Church: Our children’s ministry on Saturday nights. Barely had any kids when we began. Now we average 6-10 kids each week. Love our kids’ volunteers!
  4. Connecting Point: Became a half hour meet-and-greet to help bridge the gap between attending and joining us on Saturday nights.  We’ve seen lot’s of people get plugged in through it.
  5. Spontaneous Baptisms: Craziest thing we ever tried. We had literally no one planned to be baptized and it turned out to be one of our smaller attendances, but 4 people came forward with their faith that night. Absolutely intense!
  6. Give. Me. Faith.: Incredible 4 week series dealing with faith. Lots of salvations. Lot’s of big faith.
  7. Easter 2010: Back at the iWireless Center with our entire church in attendance. over 2,000 people together worshiping Jesus!
  8. Easter 2011: Came back to our campus this year with 4 identical worship services. We filled the place up at the Saturday night service with over 630 people.
  9. Riverbend Foodbank: We’ve made several donations to Riverbend in the past 2 years, totaling over 700 pounds of food donated to the hungry. The church is the change the world is waiting for!
  10. 2 Year Anniversary: We had an amazing night celebrating what God has been doing for 2 years, and the best is still to come! If you were NOT there,… wherever you were, or whatever you did, we had more fun than you! Should have made it!

Whatever you do, don’t miss what God does in year 3! We begin a new series this week, and the summer is going to be fun, busy, and full of impact. I cant wait to see you there.