Wars. Natural Disasters. Government overthrows. Economic failures. Terrorist plots. Crisis and uncertainty abound. Is this another difficult time among other difficult times in history? Could these things be signs of something worse on the way? Could all these things be pointing to the beginning of the end? Join us for a 4 week series that connects current events with Biblical prophecies. Know what is to come, and know what all of the signs mean for you.

I don’t do these kind of series often at our Saturday night service, but we felt the need to address several concerns with everything that has happened in the last few years: Wars in the Middle East, increasing fossil fuel depletion, massive earthquakes, political upheavals, economic limbo, and on, and on we could go. We cannot pretend like these things are not happening. We must face reality and know what it means for us. We don’t intend to scare anyone, but rather for people to know the truth, and for the truth to set them free!

With that said, join us for this look into the possibly-not-too-distant End Times series. Be informed. Be wise. And be ready.