Edgewood Challenge #4: Increase giving by 1%

People in church always act funny when you talk about money. This is the point in my blog when I make it clear that I am only addressing church folk. If you don’t have a relationship with Christ, then the following excludes you. We have way bigger concerns for you than finances, and quite honestly, your money is the last thing we want.

But for those who claim the name of Jesus, we are commanded to be generous, and to trust God in our finances. Jesus taught us that “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” God tells us that there is a direct relationship between our heart and our wallet. I can likely guess what you value most with a high degree of accuracy just by glancing over your bank statement. What we are asking is, for our church to increase our giving by 1%. For most of us, that means an increase in giving of $2-$10/week.

Statistically speaking, only about 3% of church goers tithe. That’s it. One of the most fundamental acts of worship, showing gratitude to God for providing for our needs, and demonstrating faith that He will continue to provide, and less than 1 out of 20 Christians are being obedient… We’re better than that, church!

We’re not pushing this challenge because we want something from you. Jesus promised that He would build His church. He is ultimately responsible for meeting the needs in the church, just as He is in your home. So the churches financial needs are going to get met with or without my giving or yours. We’re challenging our church to do this because we want something for you. We want you to experience the fullness of living by faith and seeing God come through for you. We want you to experience the power of relying on God more than 1/10 of your paycheck.

We did happen to notice that there is a recession going on. We know that many people have cut back or completely cut out giving to church as a result of lost hours, wages, and jobs. What better time and opportunity to reach out to God and find that He is enough… just like He promised He would be.  You say that you trust Jesus with your soul and eternity. Doesn’t it make sense that He can handle your offerings as well.

My wife and I went through an intense time of testing a few years ago. Financially, we were strapped. But we were able to experience that God was faithful even when we had a mortgage, 4 mouths to feed, and no clue where our next paycheck would come from. So from experience I’m telling you: God can make 90% of your income go much further than you can make 100%.

For some of you, this challenge means that you take a baby step and simply start to give something. For others, you have been trusting God with your tithes, and this is less of a challenge for you. Regardless of where this challenge hits you, be obedient to what God is calling you to do. Together, through our generosity, we can change the world.