1. dont come if...You hate good music. Because we have great music at our church! Our worship team works hard to lead our attenders in uplifting, encouraging, and exciting worship music. Don’t know the lyrics? We put the words on a screen for all to follow along or sing with them as they choose.
  2. You’re perfect. We are a people that would rather be honest about our weaknesses than fake about our strengths. At our church, you don’t have to act “churchy”. Besides if you’re perfect, you probably wouldn’t fit in with us! But if you know you don’t have it all together, and especially if you’re looking for a little hope – welcome!
  3. You don’t want to grow. We believe that God accepts everyone just the way they are – but that He loves each of us too much to leave us that way! When you leave LifeCity Church, we hope you’re glad you came, and that you feel like God has grown you personally in some way.
  4. You only want to take up a seat. It’s ok to come and check out our church… but if you want LifeCity to be your church home, we want you to get involved! We love our community and believe in a big God that wants to touch everyone’s life. So feel free to sit through, see what we’re like, and explore your faith. But if you want to get connected, be ready to make a difference!

LifeCity Church meets every Sunday, 10:30am, at Santa Clara High School in Santa Clara, CA. And yes, we’d love it if you checked us out this Sunday!

Pastor John