I’m proud to announce that so many great things are coming through this platform! Over the past few months, I’ve shared through my blog and social media regarding my very deep and personal struggle with anxiety and depression. I’ve talked a lot about how 2018 was a rough year for my spiritual and emotional health.

Thanks to many people in my life, family, and church – and of course also to a gracious loving, Heavenly Father – I have felt far more whole these last few months than I have in a very, very long time. I still don’t consider myself “healed” of depression. Perhaps I’m just cautious of claiming total deliverance. But I’m also very aware that the struggles that led me to this place are ever present with me.

However, one of the clearest signs I’ve seen in myself that I’m returning to a place of wholeness, has been the passion I’ve regained for my ministry. LifeCity Church is growing again. There’s new life and energy coming back in our congregation. I’m finding peace and comfort in the things I use to love, but over the past year couldn’t even bring myself to have the motivation to begin. Cooking, fishing, blogging, podcasting – all opportunities I found great satisfaction in doing in the past, but haven’t had the will to begin in a long time.

Along those lines, I’m now ready announce several new pursuits I’ve been recently working on and developing…

  1. John Markum Leadership Podcast is returning! I’ve had so much on my mind and on my heart that belong in this podcast. And I’ve received a lot of feedback from listeners who have asked for it to return. This podcast is particularly for pastors, missionaries, Bible college students, church volunteers, or anyone wanting to grow in their faith and potential to serve in the Kingdom. Episodes will begin monthly, starting in a few weeks, and I’ve already been working hard to develop the first four episodes.
  2. Understanding the Bible podcast! I began a podcast last spring that had great merits, but was entirely too ambitious. I’m changing it to be more of a conversation on biblical issues and theology, yet simple enough for anyone to understand, no matter your previous Bible knowledge level.
  3. Time with God devotional podcast. A new podcast that is perfect for your workout time or commute. Intended as a daily devotional, each episode is 10-15 minutes in length and is great for having some time with God and listening to the Scriptures on your daily drive or morning run. Get your daily fix of encouragement and spiritual recharging.
  4. Bible and Ministry courses! Still in the works, and anticipating to release my first course end of this year, or early 2020, I’m beginning to create online courses to teach others how to preach, read and interpret the Scriptures, understand theology in an academic sense, and more. I’ve been creating these resources as an alternative to lay leaders, volunteers, and bivocational pastors – all of whom deserve excellent resources that work on their time, without having to uproot themselves from their homes, jobs, and current ministries to pursue ministry instruction via traditional Bible college options.

You’ll be hearing more about each of these resources, that I will continue to build and announce through my blog here. Additionally, I really want to scale these resources for people’s growth and education. So I’m doing something new that I’ll share more about later. I’m inviting others to support the on-going development of these resources here. Yes, everything is free other than the courses I’m working hard on, but I really want to create content for many, many people to learn and grow from. I’ll talk more about the new Patreon initiative later, but your early support is greatly appreciated!

I look forward to announcing the first releases soon!

Pastor John