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When I said “yes!” to God’s calling me to plant LifeCity Church, there were a few things that I knew that included. The whole driving force behind me sensing God’s call to church planting was directly connected with my passion for reaching my own generation, and that coming up after me. This past Sunday, I shared in detail some of those plans – and yes, dreams – for our future, and what I am praying God will enable us to do in the years to come. Much of this we’re already beginning here and now!

  1. Develop our Pastoral Advisory Team – The top body of lay leadership within our church that will serve as our officers and board of directors for all our business affairs, but who also is responsible to and for our lead pastor (me, for the foreseeable future), his well being, and that of his family, as well as his fitness to serve.
  2. Expand our Ministry Leadership Team – Right now, we have an amazing body of men and women who have been serving LifeCity Church in the direct overseeing of our various ministries. We will continue to develop these leaders, and expand this group as the breadth and spiritual maturity of our church continues to increase.
  3. Refine our discipleship process – We’re piloting a resource that we anticipate becoming the primary avenue through which we make disciples at LifeCity Church. This will be an improving and expanding of our LifeGroups system.
  4. College Interns – Beginning to train the next generation of church leaders preparing for vocational ministry. (potentially, summer 2017!).
  5. Preaching workshop – This summer, I plan to offer a workshop, available to any of our members, who would like to be taught how to teach/preach the Bible, including getting an opportunity to write and deliver their own messages.
  6. Leadership Residencies – Taking up to an entire calendar year to train up and send out future planters, pastors, and missionaries. (potentially, fall 2018).
  7. Increase Support – LifeCity already contributes financially to the work of three ministries. This year, we plan to expand this ministry to supporting other missionaries, planters, and ministries who are joining us in the harvest. We intend on growing to the point where we eventually tithe back to other works , church plants, and missions efforts from our own church.

So this is it! Our structure for leadership, raising more leaders, and sending out the work of the gospel from our church, across the Bay, and around the world. We can’t do it alone! We have to come together as a church family, pray in faith, and continue serving God to see this happen. But as we’ve consistently taught at LifeCity – nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but nothing is too hard for God. Let’s see what God can do through us!

Pastor John

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