In John 6, we see an incredible story of Jesus feeding multiple thousands of people off the lunch of one young man consisting of 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fish. The miracle was nothing short of incredible as God proved His ability to expand and multiply our simple resources beyond imagination. I could preach on this passage for weeks!

But something that jumped out to me recently was Christ’s comment after everyone ate. He told the disciples to gather up the leftovers “so that nothing is wasted.” Seriously? He was worried about some scraps not getting used after stretching this meal to feed thousands over what it should have?!? I think we get to see the heart of God in a powerful way in this passage…

Jesus, though He had multiplied the volume of this meal to unbelievable proportions, was unsatisfied with wastefulness on any level. The disciples had gathered 12 baskets full of leftovers, which I believe went home with the boy who humbly allowed his lunch to be used by Christ to feed the needs of the crowd. But they didn’t just get discarded. Because Jesus dislikes wastefulness.

That causes a variety of responses:

  • God expects a return on every investment.
  • The expectation on my life as a steward of God’s blessings is high.
  • Nothing God allows into my life is a waste: not even pain. Especially not pain.
  • God always has more than enough.
  • Whatever I give to God in my life, He returns the blessing exponentially.
  • If I have Jesus, it doesn’t matter how many fish I have, or how many people there are to feed.

Don’t be discouraged in your weakness or lack. God will see to it that nothing that comes into your life is wasted. Even when others rise against you, God has a way of taking others’ bad intentions and using them to make something unexpectantly beautiful.