Christian Boycotts???

Christian Boycotts???
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There’s always something to be upset about. Should Christians exert the energy and outrage in protesting the world and it’s values? Or rather in living differently, and loving the world creatively and compassionately towards Jesus? Hear me out… this isn’t talked about enough!

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  1. We cannot completely understand Big Business’s rush to boycott religious freedom laws without taking into consideration the anti-Christian animosity that is part of America’s elite culture. Naturally business leaders will deny that this kind of animosity has been a major influence in their decisions, and no one should argue that it is the

    1. You didn’t seem to complete your thought, but I feel like you’re miss the point. I wasn’t speaking about businesses, but about our political engagement. But regarding your comment, Christians – and Americans in general – have lost the art of persuasion: convincing someone to see the virtues and merits of your point of view without trying to shove your view down their throat by making them comply with your values before they believe what you believe. We will never make people think like us, unless they become part of us. Jesus told the story of the master throwing a banquet and told his servant to “compel” people to come to the feast. In short, the church has become disinterested in compelling people and more interested in coercing them via politics.

      All of this of course, is just my humble perspective.

      Pastor John

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