The God Who Multiplies

Right now, if you’re a part of our church family at LifeCity Church, you know that we’re doing a big fundraiser/special offering for February 25, as we move into our new office, get ready for Easter, and plan for our future.

I wanted to take a minute to share more about why we give to offerings like this. Yes, it funds the work of our church. But it does something good for us personally as well when we give.

Every time in the Scriptures that God asks people for anything, it ultimately worked out to their benefit more than anything else. Because God multiplies whatever we give Him.

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Now Live Streaming our Sunday Gatherings!

In case we didn’t get the word out now, you can now watch the services of LifeCity Church LIVE every Sunday, no matter where you are! Our live streaming began in full form the beginning of this year, and can be watched directly on our website every Sunday here.

Additionally, to help get the message of Jesus out across as many opportunities asa possible, our services are also live streamed simultaneously on our LifeCity Facebook page, my Facebook page, and our LifeCity YouTube channel. Isn’t that cool?!?

We’re also creating weekly highlight clips from the weekend messages, which you can watch in all the same places. So whether you are a part of the LifeCity family but unable to make it one Sunday because of health or travel, you’ve moved from the area and still without a new local church home, or if you just love what we’re doing and want to enjoy the service – we are happy to get the word of all God is doing through our live streaming!

If you love this tool, and are excited to be able to stay connected even when unable to attend in person, do us a favor – subscribe to our YouTube channel, like our Facebook pages, and share to help us get the word out so that our circle of influence grows and more lives can be touched by the transforming love of Christ! Thanks, and it is an honor to bring God’s word to you!

Pastor John

Our first middle schooler

I’m writing this post, knowing full well that the subject matter of my children is increasingly something they will eventually become aware of. Yet I had to commit my thoughts and feelings on their journey, since so much of my life and identity is inextricably linked to them. Enter, Emilee Markum. My oldest child…

Emilee, by the time you get the chance to read this, it’ll likely mean you’ve finally got your grades up and earned your first cell phone. Congrats, baby girl! I knew you would do it. Everything about you has forever changed who I am. You’re my first kid! Every new season of life you encounter also marks a new season for me.

Your birth made me a father for the very first time. You were my first child to take their first steps, go to their first day of school. Everything about being a dad – you were the first in all of it. I still remember being 23 and having your mother run in to tell me we were going to have a baby… that we were going to have you in our family. I’ll never forget that flood of emotions as I managed uncontrollable waves of love, excitement, and to a lesser degree, panic!

Now you’re in middle school, and trying really hard to become a young woman. Despite my best efforts to slow you down, time seems to be consistently marching in your favor. There are so many things I want to tell you, but I want to give you just 4 things to cling to in this season of your life:

  1. No matter what you do, or where life takes you – both I, and your Heavenly Father, will always welcome you back with open arms.
  2. Remember who you are! You are not who anyone tells you to be, you are who you know you are. A child of God. A dearly loved daughter. You are strong, able, resilient, and growing.
  3. Mistakes are just opportunities to grow. When you fail, instead of beating yourself up, choose to rise up. There’s nothing you can’t do.
  4. I will always love you. I’m so proud of you, girl. For good and otherwise, you have so much of me in you. I see it every time I look at you. And you’ve got what it takes, kid! Even if you don’t know it yet.

One day, you’ll be a grown woman despite my earnest protests. Just be patient with your mom and me. And know that as much as we want to keep you to ourselves, we understand and are completely committed to what God wants to do through you. While we have a responsibility to protect you, we also know we’re called to train you – to unleash you to do all God put you in this world to do. And before you figure all of that out, we just want you to know – we believe in you, Emilee. And we’re already proud of you.

All my heart,