People often try to categorize their lives…

  • Family
  • Career
  • “Me” time
  • Church
  • etc…

And when we look at our lives through these narrow lenses, we often neglect to see – or even flat out deny – that there is an intricate relationship to all of these dimensions of who we are. Chiefly at stake with this, is the idea that our “spiritual life” is some how separate from other parts of us. That way of thinking is on par with saying that I am a father at home with my kids, but when I’m at work I’m not a father.

We are not human beings having spiritual experiences. We are spiritual being who have human experiences.

I don’t want that to sound more mystical than it’s suppose to. But what I mean, is that in comparison to eternity, this life is only a fraction of our existence. We cannot separate who we are eternally from who we are relationally. Or vocationally. Or even recreationally. And God wants to intervene in your life on all sides. He does not desire to be the most important part in your life followed by other important things. He wants to be the center of all parts of who you are.

Embrace your spirituality, and see how God wants to work mightily on your behalf in every area of your life.