Our move from Montague Elementary to Santa Clara High School is just 31 days away, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what God is going to do. But even before we’ve relocated, God has been at work. Here’s what’s got me looking forward to what’s to come:

  1. We’re increasing! We’ve already seen consistent growth over the past few months since we announced our move. The start to 2017 has seen more people connect, consistent first time guests, and increased returning guests. We’re already averaging more in January than our best previous month!
  2. People are growing in their faith! We’re seeing an increase in our leaders, LifeGroups, volunteers, and number of people inviting and bringing their friends to worship gatherings.
  3. Spiritual decisions are being made! More and more people are making first time decisions to trust in Christ, and several others have rededicated themselves who have otherwise felt far from God before coming to LifeCity.
  4. The word is getting out! Our church has been pumped, and actively inviting people. We have mailer going to 25k homes! People stop me to ask when our first day at the high school will be. It’s just awesome! And I can’t wait (Feb. 19, btw!)

If you’re a regular attender at LifeCity and want to find out more about our church, you should check out our NextSteps class coming this Sunday, Jan 22. We’re praying for 100+ people on day one in the high school, and if you live in the area we hope you will be there! As we often tell people – no matter who you are, or where you’ve been, you matter to God, and you matter to us! Come checkout LifeCity Church and see for yourself.

Pastor John