John Markum

5 things I want to say to my church family…

  1. I pray for you daily! I love you, and I believe in you and the power God has placed inside of you. My greatest desire is to invest into your potential.
  2. You are not a human being having spiritual experiences. You are a spiritual being having human experiences. Start seeing God everywhere!
  3. Wherever you are with God, I challenge you to take your next step this week. Maybe your next step is joining our church family, getting baptized, serve in a ministry, or tell someone else about your relationship with Christ. Whatever it is, listen to God, and do what He says.
  4. This week our worship team is busting out some incredible new music, I’m delivering a message that’s been on my heart for awhile, and we finish our Re|Church series. Be there at 5pm!
  5. If you are interested in serving in either our nursery or Children;s ministry (Super Church), you must go through a Child Protection Class at Edgewood. We are offering such a class this Sunday at 6pm, at the church.

The phrase no pain, no gain has been a mantra for athletes and fitness junkies for years. And what they understand about physical pain needs to be broadened to a much more general use in all of our lives. Pain hurts. That's the whole problem. No one enjoys it, and if someone does, we rightfully

The Premium of Pain