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Looking Back/Moving Forward

year endThe one week gap between Christmas Day and New Years Day is right where my birthday lands on the calendar – December 27th. Today. I turned 33 this year. As per the nature of this specific week, adding my birthday in the middle of it tends to make me feel nostalgic over the previous 12 months, and also anticipate the coming year.

Looking over the 2014 calendar, my favorite memories easily include: Continue reading “Looking Back/Moving Forward”

My life these last few months…

My LifeSo if you’re a faithful follower of my blog, you’ve probably been frustrated by the lack of new posts since about August. Hopefully, if you are a faithful follower of my blog, you’ve correctly assumed that I’m busy with the beginnings of LifeCity Church, the church plant we moved out to California to launch. Whether or not you’ve given me the benefit of the doubt, or if you’ve even noticed, I’ve come to the point where I’ve decided that it has been long enough, and this was something I should return to doing. So time to get back on the blog-wagon and update everyone! In a reasonably short post, here’s what’s gone down in our life and ministry in the last few months:

  • Our daughters started school at the local elementary school on our street. They’re doing great! Tiff and I have been able to connect with several parents in the school also, many of whom have begun getting connected to LifeCity.
  • Our church is excited about the future God has for us and our community! We’ve begun meeting weekly for an in-house Bible study (aka “house church”) to build our core group, identify potential leaders, and develop people who are becoming this new church. We’ve got several people coming, and our children’s ministry (KidsTown) gets rave reviews from the families who have come!
  • Tiffany has restarted her Pampered Chef business, something she use to really enjoy, and which also gives her more ability to connect with people in our city. It also gets me more kitchen toys to play with…
  • Our entire Launch Team who relocated here have all found jobs and housing and have done a great job, not only by serving in needed areas, but in bonding with one another and reaching out to strangers to build new friendships and connections.

Much, much more to share about all that God is doing in our family and ministry right now. But you’ll have to follow the blog to keep up with us!

Pastor John

Brain-Wash your Kids

I’ve heard many people that I’ve met in person and online who have railed against “religious” people in church who brain-wash their kids to believe the same things. I’ve heard it in movies, sitcoms, the news, and even billboards. Some have declared that my children should get to choose whether they believe what I believe for themselves and I should not try to influence them otherwise.

As a parent, here’s the truth…

  1. Your kids are being influenced. By their friends, musicians, advertisements, facebook, major corporations, the government, and Lady Gaga. All of whom have an agenda. I trust my beliefs and values a million times over any of the above influences. And honestly, I trust your instincts to the same degree when it comes to your children.
  2. Parents make decisions for their kids. My kids go to school, eat vegetables, answer adults with respect, go to church, take baths, and get shots from the doctor. We taught them to do those things. We make them do those things. Because we know what’s best for them more than they do. My kids may not always like school, but I hope that one day, they’ll appreciate the value of their education. The same is true of church and spiritual values (although, my kids love church).
  3. You can’t teach what you don’t live. Just because you tell your kids that God, faith, community, and church are important doesn’t mean that you’ve taught them so. You teach what you do, not what you say. What are your actions teaching your kids? Does it tell them that God has control of your life? or your friends? or your job? or the NFL season schedule?

I am completely convinced that you as a parent are perfectly equipped by God to raise your children better than anyone else (especially the media). If someone says you’re brain-washing your child, than at least they’ll have a cleaner mind than if you didn’t.



See my post on 5 Ways to Make your Kids Hate Church, for more.

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