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My Goals for 2015

goalsEvery year, most people set some goals they would like to achieve for that year. I’m a few weeks late into 2015, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t set some high goals for what I’m working toward. Many of these goals are related to our young church plant, but all of these things are very personal goals of mine for the year. If you’re trying to think of some guidelines for setting your own goals this year, see my other post here.

  1. Get back in shape. I was once quite athletic. And, no I don’t think I’ve gotten “fat” but I know I’m way out of shape. My wife and I started the “Insanity” workout program two weeks ago, and both of us already see and feel like we’re improving. Only seven more weeks to go!
  2. 100 x Easter. We launched LifeCity back in September with 93 people in attendance. Launch days are always the “highest” day a new church sees for awhile, and many people don’t realize that the next few months are going to be small by comparison. But our attendance has balanced out around 50 and is building up nicely. Good start for a church plant in Silicon Valley. We are working hard to hit 100 people for Easter this year, and would like to be averaging that by our 1 year anniversary.
  3. Disneyland! This summer will be two years since we’ve moved out to California! Having been busy adjusting and planting a new church, we haven’t had much time or resources to do some things we really need to do – like have a family vacation with our four kids. Tiffany has been busy saving money in our budget, and we’ll be getting a tax return in the near future, much of which will go to treating our kids to a couple days at “the happiest place on earth.” These kids have been great during this major transition, and we refuse to sacrifice our family while planting a church.
  4. 50/20. For 2015, we’re praying to see 50 people come to faith in Christ through our church. It’s exciting to see people who have recently found Christ start to invite their family and friends to experience our church – and more importantly, Christ – for themselves. We’re also praying that we get to baptize 20 people this year. We’ve already seen two people come to Christ, and one get baptized. Not a bad start for 3 weeks in.
  5. Students! We’re trying to keep things hush-hush while we work out the details. But I’ll tell you now that we’re planning our first LifeCity event for youth this summer. That’s all I’m gonna say for now! You’ll have to stay tuned to find out more!
  6. Gone fishin’. How does Pastor John recharge? Well, Jesus seemed to enjoy fishing and hanging out with fishermen, so I do the same… Ok, that may be a weak excuse, but putting a line out in the middle of the ocean for a few days this summer is definitely on my “to-do” list. It’s like going golfing, but without as many reasons to curse. And I have something delicious to bring home to my wife… My kids tear up some fish tacos!
  7. Vehicles. Our minivan is in need of getting replaced! And we’ve also been a single-vehicle family since… well, since forever. We’re likely going to be making a trade-in this spring with our 2002 Pontiac Montana. It’s served us well, and we’re grateful that it got us this far! As far as a second vehicle goes, that’s in the works also. But it may be 2016 before we accomplish that goal. Hey! We’ve made one vehicle work for our family this long, we can wait a little longer if need be.

 Because I’m a long-distance kind of planner, I have some big prayers and specific goals extending all the way through 2019! But let’s get this year’s agenda knocked out first… Besides I’m not ready to share everything I feel like God has put in my heart. So what are your goals to get done this year?

Pastor John

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  1. John, since I met you at Capital Baptist I always felt you were a great family man and a terrific pastor. You will succeed. You have done well so far.

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