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Earth: Expiration 12/21/12 (?)

TheEndI’m not going to waste my time trying to convince you that the world is not going to end this Friday for one reason:

I don’t know.

Sooner or later, life on earth as we know it will cease to exist. That’s true for all of us individually and collectively. So it could happen Friday. I doubt it, but you never know.

The Bible tells us not to boast of tomorrow – you never know what a day may bring about. Good wisdom. And whether we’re talking about the return of Christ, nuclear fall out, World War III, or simply our own individual demise, the fact is our days are numbered.

We can choose to live in fear of that reality, or we can choose to live each day to the fullest, seeking to discover all that God created us to be as individuals, communities, a generation, a nation, etc.

That full potential is only found when we stop trying to be our own Savior and turn to Christ instead.

The “end of the world” could even happen here and now as I type up this post. But whenever that day finally does come for us, I pray that you will be rea


Edgewood is very excited to bring a new event beginning on the weekend of September 17-18. In all 3 of our adult services (as well as Elevate, our youth service on Sun. 10:45am) we are bringing the focus back on church. A lot of people get out of church for many reasons:

  • Had a bad experience.
  • Got busy.
  • Got bored.
  • Got hurt…

And there are so many distractions, pressures, and priorities pulling us in every direction. Over and over in the Bible, we see God with this habit of not throwing things away. He recycles, restores, and rebuilds. This fall, it’s time to rediscover the God who has never once given up on you. Join us, and return to a church that wants to help you reconnect with God.

We’re believing God to do powerful things in many, many peoples lives this fall. If you haven’t been in church for awhile, we want to welcome you back for another look. We believe you’ll be surprised by what you find. If you are already in church, then this is a great opportunity to bring a friend with you. People reach people.

Begin praying now, and inviting others to experience God at Edgewood for Re:Church!



If you haven’t been to church in awhile, I hope you read this.

In ministry, we constantly see people come and go. On one hand, we have to focus on the people who will come, who will listen, who we can reach. But on the other hand, we love the people who haven’t been around. We long to see everyone growing in Christ, finding healing, and getting connected to others on the same spiritual journey. They are important to us, because we believe in the potential God has placed in them. And when we are being the church, God’s love is suppose to be flowing into us, overflowing, and pouring out on to others.

If you, or someone you know, has gotten out of the habit of being in church there are a variety of reasons you may have for not being there. Without a doubt most of them are good reasons and sound perfectly logical. So I’m not going to argue whether you have good reasons to miss or not. Instead let me give you a few reasons to come back. And not just show up again, but really get connected and belong. And if you do not have a church, or have been looking for a place to worship, I hope you’ll consider LifeCity Church, here in Santa Clara, CA…

  1. It feels right – You know you would have a clearer conscious. If you truly belong to Christ, then there is a Holy Conscience inside of you telling you that you need to come back and be connected.
  2. Worship – I missed church a week ago because I had family in town. The week I returned, I realized how much I missed our worship on Saturdays. Not just the songs. I could listen to most of them at home on my own. But I missed singing with my church and worshiping together with them. It’s something powerful!
  3. The Word – By the teaching and preaching of the Bible, God challenges us. Yes, you can/should read the Bible on your own. No, that is not enough.
  4. Relationships – You need people. People need you. You are a part of a whole. When you’re gone, the whole suffers. And so do you. We grow closer to God when we grow closer to each other. (John 17)
  5. Purpose – You get to use your time and talents to be a part of helping other people reach their full potential in Christ. Every ministry plays a significant part, and you get the opportunity to unite your potential with that of others.

Come to church… I know you probably have a legitimate reason for being gone. But you’re missing out! God is alive and doing powerful things in His church. I know here at LifeCity, this Fall season is going to be epic! And the rest of this summer is building up for it.

Instead of finding a reason not to be there, challenge yourself to make a way to come back. In fact, just get back in church this weekend. Be ready to have a front-row seat to see what God is going to do! You’ll be blessed for making it!

Pastor John

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