John Markum

My Second Church Plant

secondplantI didn’t understand this when I set out to plant LifeCity Church – I couldn’t have understood. But I would quickly experience a tension that I believe every church planter encounters. This tension if not understood will lead to frustration, disappointment, and ultimately defeat. The reality is this:

Every church planter actually starts two churches. Allow me to explain… Continue reading “My Second Church Plant”

The Cost to Planting a Church

Planting costI dislike using “need” to motivate people to give their money to something. I find that if it works at all, people usually only give out of guilt, and not usually more than once. I find that “vision” is not only a more compelling reason to motivate people to give, but it helps people understand the impact that their giving is making. But as I prepare to launch LifeCity Church, I realize that most people are simply unaware of the cost of planting a church.

The fact of the matter is, this is the hardest and most difficult thing I have ever done. If it were not for the confidence I have that God is calling us to do this, I would never attempt such an otherwise intimidating challenge. Continue reading “The Cost to Planting a Church”

A Church called “LifeCity”

LC VISION“We will launch LifeCity Church so the people of the South Bay will fully experience life in Christ.”

That is the vision behind the name we chose for our new church plant to the South Bay area of San Jose, CA. But to me and the Launch Team going with my family and I, this is so much more than a cute line to put on a website. This vision statement is our battle-cry. It is the singular, unifying passion behind LifeCity Church. Let me break it down for you how we see it: Continue reading “A Church called “LifeCity””

The phrase no pain, no gain has been a mantra for athletes and fitness junkies for years. And what they understand about physical pain needs to be broadened to a much more general use in all of our lives. Pain hurts. That's the whole problem. No one enjoys it, and if someone does, we rightfully

The Premium of Pain