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Redeeming Your Resolution

ResolutionThe word resolution comes directly from the word resolve. Setting goals, or resolutions, for 2015 or any other year is declaring that you are resolved to achieve that goal in that new year. As almost all of us know, New Years resolutions have become a bad joke for our general lack of commitment and follow through. Here are a few tips I would offer for how you can make your resolutions stick this year. Continue reading “Redeeming Your Resolution”

30 Favorite Memories

This week I reached a milestone: my 30th birthday. As I turn the corner on my 20’s, I couldn’t help but reminisce. Here are 30 of my favorite memories across 30 years of life.

  1. Giving my life to Christ/Getting baptized. Age 7. Grace Baptist Church, Columbus, GA.
  2. Fishing at “The Crappie Hole” with my Dad. Age 11. Ft. Benning, GA.
  3. Hitting my first home run. Age 12. Post Team. Wahiawa, HI.
  4. Preaching my first message (scared to death!). Age 14. Lanakila Baptist Church. Waipahu, HI.
  5. The summer I spent with my cousins in OK. Age 15. Stillwater, OK.
  6. Missions trip to Panama (life-defining!). Age 17. Panama City, Panama.
  7. Arriving at Bible College alone (learning faith). Age 18. Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO.
  8. Leading 30+ kids to Christ at the Boy’s and Girls Club with my best friend Lucas in one afternoon. Age 19. Springfield, MO.
  9. Becoming a Resident Assistant (I learned a LOT!). Age 20. Springfield, MO.
  10. Seeing Tiffany Pendley for the very first time. Age 21. Leesburg, FL.
  11. My last “first kiss”. Age 21. Madiera Beach, FL.
  12. Taking 2nd place in college-wide preaching tournament/1st place in Duet Acting (wrong career?). Age 22. BBC. Springfield, MO.
  13. Asking Tiffany to marry me. Age 22. Springfield, MO.
  14. Parents’ surprise arrival for my graduation. Age 22. Springfield, MO.
  15. Walking the stage/receiving my degree. Age 22. Springfield, MO.
  16. Watching Tiffany walk down the aisle to me. Age 22. St. Petersburg, FL.
  17. Moving from Missouri to Virginia (Tiff slept the entire way there). Age 22.
  18. Coming home to my wife for the first time. Age 22. Fairfax, VA.
  19. Baby #1: Emilee. Age 23. Fairfax, VA.
  20. My ordination. Age 24. Fairfax, VA.
  21. Financial Hardship (Learned to trust God). Age 25. Springfield, MO.
  22. Baby #2: Kaliana. Age 25. Springfield, MO.
  23. Getting hired at Edgewood. Age 26. Rock Island, IL.
  24. Starting The Awakening, our Saturday night service. Age 27. Rock Island, IL.
  25. Baby #3: Josiah. Age 27. Moline, IL.
  26. Preaching at Lucas’ Youth All-Nighter (LOTS of teens got saved). Age 28. Richmond, IN.
  27. Anniversary trip to California with Tiffany (7 years married). Age 29. Santa Clara, CA.
  28. Missions Trip to help start Audacity Church. Age 29. Wichita, KS.
  29. Baby#4: Elijah. Age 29. Moline, IL.
  30. Being blessed by so many people that God has placed in my life over 30 years.

It’s been amazing. I cant wait to see what God does next.



B90X: Day 4

So after 4 days into reading the entire Bible in 90 days, I have finished reading the book of Genesis. The perspective that you gain from reading larger portions of Scripture at a time is unique. Whereas reading smaller portions enables you to dissect verses in greater detail, reading 11 – 16 chapter in a day tends to reveal trends, plots, and the bigger picture. Here are some of the observations I had to share after getting through the first book of the Bible:

  1. Satan is a liar. In Genesis 3:4, Satan in the form of a snake, says to Eve, “Surely, you will not die!” The next several chapters include the genealogies of the first humans, each ending with the statement, “and then they died.”
  2. Sin is serious. God killed a calf to make tunics for Adam and Eve after they ate the fruit and tried to hide from God. God shed the first blood. It must have been a ghastly sight for Adam and Eve. Some have the same view of the cross. “How terrible! Surely God could forgive mankind in some less drastic way!” As commentator, John Phillips says, “A radical disease, calls for a radical cure.”
  3. God keeps His promises. Even when it may look doubtful from our perspective. One of my favorite lines throughout Genesis, and the whole Old Testament for that matter, is “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” God is essentially saying, “I know the promises I have made, and I will do good on them.” He doesn’t break His word, and He doesn’t break promises. Embrace it.
  4. God is faithful,… period. Adam and Eve disobeyed – God promised redemption. Cain committed the first murder – God pardoned. Abraham lied (twice) about His wife – God protected her. He later took her bad advice and took a mistress in order to get a son – God still provided the son of promise through Sarah. Jacob committed the first identity theft – God gave Him a new, true identity. Jacob’s sons threw their little brother into slavery and told their father that he died – God used Joseph to save the lives of his brothers and theig families. God’s faithfulness is, likely, the only consistent theme in Scripture… that, and man’s unfaithulness.

Tomorrow I begin digging into Exodus, although I might take the time and get a little ahead tonight… we’ll see. Regardless, if you are looking into reading the Bible this year, you can find a reading plan that fits you here.



The phrase no pain, no gain has been a mantra for athletes and fitness junkies for years. And what they understand about physical pain needs to be broadened to a much more general use in all of our lives. Pain hurts. That's the whole problem. No one enjoys it, and if someone does, we rightfully

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